MIT faculty, staff and students who rent vehicles for MIT-related business in the United States are strongly encouraged to use Budget or Avis rental agencies. MIT has corporate agreements with both vendors that:

  • Waive the standard rental agency condition that all drivers must be at least 25 years old         
  • Limit or waive MIT’s responsibility for damages to the rental vehicle in the event of a collision

Refer to the table below for specific coverages and corporate codes. Please be sure to provide the rental agent with MIT’s corporate number when renting vehicles.  If the corporate code is not provided at time of rental the coverage will not be in place and a $1000 deductible will be placed on the claim.  *Please note when renting with Budget or Avis for leisure travel, insurance is not included.

*The insurance coverage mentioned above is not extended to the Fraternities, Sororities, and Independent Living Groups (FSILG) community. FSILG community organizations must purchase the collision and liability insurance offered by the rental car agency of their choice, or make appropriate arrangements to cover this exposure.

Domestic Rentals

All insurance coverage (including Liability and Collision Damage Waiver -CDW [physical damage] coverage), should be DECLINED when using a rental vehicle on MIT business.  However, there is an exception for Alaska where insurance is required and should be purchased.

In the event that an agency other than Budget or Avis is used, the MIT Office of Insurance self-insures the insurance (including Liability and CDW - physical damage coverages; therefore, the optional insurance coverages should still be declined.  However, if Budget or Avis is not chosen and the driver is involved in a single car accident, at fault accident or cannot identify the responsible third party, the department will be responsible for a $1500 deductible

*Please note that MIT's Budget Truck contract does not include insurance.  If you purchase rental insurance when you rent a truck for MIT business the cost of the insurance is a reimbursable expense.

If a traveler rents a truck from Budget Truck Rental-MIT's preferred truck rental agency, and is involved in an at fault accident, an internal deductible of $1500 will be placed on the insurance claim and will be the responsiblity of the renter's department. 

*MIT has a new corporate agreement with Enterprise Car Rental, please click here for further information.

    International Rentals
    Travelers are strongly discouraged from renting vehicles in most international destinations because of the significant safety and security risks. However, should need dictate the use of a rental vehicle, travelers should ensure they are familiar with local laws and regulations and insurance should be purchased for all international rentals (including visits to Canada, Mexico, Bermuda, Puerto Rico, and the Caribbean.) Statutorily required rental insurance must be purchased. If insurance is not purchased the department will be reimbursed less a $1,500 deductible.  The department will be responsible for paying the claim directly with the insurance company.  The cost of the insurance can be charged using the MIT Travel Card or out-of-pocket and reimbursed.

    *Personal Rentals

    Insurance is NOT included when using the Budget/Avis leisure discount codes.  Any claim will be the responsibility of the driver. 

    MIT Corporate Agreements with Rental Car Agencies

    Main Campus and Lincoln Laboratory:

    Rental Agency MIT Corporate No. Coverages
    Budget T240202

    Liability Coverage of $100,000/$300,000

    100% Collision/Physical Damage Coverage

    Avis A122600

    Liability Coverage of $100,000/$300,000

    100% Collision/Physical Damage Coverage

    Rental Vehicle Accidents
    The following information should be submitted to the Office of Insurance in the event of an accident with a rental vehicle:

    • Copy of both sides of the rental agreement
    • Copy of the accident report
    • Copy of the approved travel expense report, reflecting the car rental
    • Any correspondence received from the car rental agency, including repair bills

    *Be sure to also fill out the rental company's Accident Report Form

    For more information on Automobile claims, please contact Sarah Brown at 617-324-5031.