Events Management

Any successful event activity or program begins with a well-informed pre-event plan as well as execution of sound risk management strategies.  The MIT Office of Insurance provides consultative guidance and recommendations to DLCs, student groups, clubs and other organizations recognized by the Association of Student Activities (ASA), to assist each with the management of the risks associated with their activities.

Insurance for Programs, Events and Activities
The Institute maintains general liability insurance that provides coverage for all official MIT organizations/groups.  Coverage can also be provided to other organizations/groups upon implementation of recommended risk management procedures and best practices.

This coverage is usually acceptable to a third party that requests general liability insurance in conjunction with an activity, event or program.  Certificates reflecting this coverage can be requested from Sarah Brown

Note:  This insurance does not cover fraternities and sororities.

Use of Automobiles 
Operating an Institute owned or rented vehicle is a privilege.  All drivers will be responsible and accountable for following the best practices set forth by the Institute.  Here is a link to MIT's Vehicle Use Policy.

With the exception of charter vehicles operated by a 3rd party, use of 12 or 15 passenger vehicles is prohibited. 

Rental Vehicles
The Institute maintains corporate agreements with Budget and Avis to provide MIT financially supported student groups with primary collision and liability insurance coverage for their rentals. More details can be viewed here.

Charter Vehicles
Peter Pan, Boston Coach and Planet Train provide MIT community members with chartered bus and car service.  The fees include negotiated minimum limits of auto liability insurance.

Trailered vehicles

MIT staff and students driving a vehicle hitched to a trailer must demonstrate proficiency before driving the vehicle-trailer combination on MIT business.  Based on vehicle type and driver familiarity, completion of a virtual training module may be required prior to use.

Minors on campus 
MIT is committed to promoting a safe environment for minors who participate in on campus, sponsored, organized programs and activities, or who participate in Institute-sponsored activities that take place off campus.  MIT has compiled guidelines for these situations.  

MIT organizations that hold/manage any event, program or other activity where minors (those 17 years of age or younger) will be present, must be registered with the Student Activities Office.  (This excludes minors who are currently registered and enrolled MIT as students.)   
On Campus and Off Campus Events / Vendor Management
The Insurance Office, in collaboration with other administrative offices at MIT, advises the MIT community on best practices and procedures to reduce the risk of loss.  All on campus events must  follow the process outlined in the Event Planning Guide.

Written contracts or agreements must be used when hiring a vendor, contractor or performer for events, or when renting/leasing equipment for an event.  When contracting with a third party vendor for an on campus event, the student group will provide that vendor with the MIT On Campus Event Agreement (MIT FORM 3 24 03). 

  • The MIT Insurance Manager must approve any changes to the insurance provisions of MIT Form 3 24 03.
  • Contracts must be signed by MIT Procurement Staff or authorized insitute signatories.

Vendors hired by MIT organizations to perform professional contracting services are required to present certificates of insurance reflecting that the contractor has in-force adequate levels of coverage.  Such certificates must be obtained prior to the commencement of work by the contractor. 

Please review the vendor insurance requirements.

Activities or programs that take place off campus often require MIT to provide certificates of insurance to third parties.  In the event of such requests, please follow the procedures outline here for obtaining the proper certificate(s) to provide to the requestor.

For additional information or questions, please contact Sandy Mitchell at 617-324-7117 or