International SOS

MIT has contracted with International SOS (ISOS), a travel assistance company, to provide emergency medical, security, and natural disaster evacuation and other support services to faculty, staff, and students who are traveling abroad on MIT business. (ISOS services are also provided to faculty and staff for leisure travel.)

Please refer to this chart for information on how the services apply to other parties related to MIT.

If travelers are not covered per the above chart you can purchase ISOS services at a discounted rate.  Please visit MIT’s International SOS Program Portal and click the Personal Travel button on the right side of the screen.  We strongly recommend that the MIT community visit this portal.  This custom-designed site has a wealth of resources providing country-specific medical and security travel advice as well as a list of all ISOS benefits. You can sign up for email alerts, register your trip, and print a copy of the ISOS Membership card. We also encourage you to download the ISOS app onto your mobile device prior to your travel.  

If travelers are not covered per the above chart you can purchase ISOS services

The portal also provides access to the MIT Assistance Abroad modules. Important information includes helpful pre-departure tips, traveling to dangerous areas, emergency response, transportation, and much more.  We highly recommend registering your trip on our Travel Registry. As an added precaution, the U.S. Department of State recommends that U.S. citizens sign up with their Smart Traveler Enrollment Program (STEP) (this is of particular importance if traveling to a high-risk location.) If you are a non-U.S. citizen, we recommend registering with your local embassy.

To discover more about ISOS services please visit their Introduction to Membership tutorial including information on their medical and security benefits, location guide and assistance app.

IMPORTANT NOTE:  ISOS is NOT Health Insurance

ISOS is a service provider. It is neither a substitute for, nor a supplement to, personal health insurance. MIT travelers must maintain their own personal health insurance. Prior to departure, they should confirm coverage limitations, if any, while traveling abroad, with their health plan administrator.
All students and other MIT persons insured by an MIT Health plan are encouraged to visit the MIT Medical Travel Health Clinic prior to travel.

If you have any questions regarding MIT’s International SOS program or if you would like to request an ISOS card, please contact the Insurance Office at 617-324-5031 or email Sarah Brown.

For more details and contact information regarding your health insurance benefits while traveling abroad, please visit:

MIT Benefits Office

MIT Medical