Shipping Insurance

Shipping Insurance:  Inland Transit (Domestic) & Ocean Marine (International) Insurance

MIT is insured for domestic and international shipments. This coverage is for machinery, equipment, and other property purchased with MIT funds. Departments do not need to purchase additional insurance with their shipper.

Inland Transit (Domestic) Shipments
Value limit: $25,000,000. (If the total value is shipped at one time is greater than $5 million, please contact the Insurance Office in advance of the packing/shipping.)  There is no charge to the department for this coverage.

Ocean Marine (International) Shipments
MIT can insure international shipments under its Ocean Cargo policy. The Insurance Office will need to be notified prior to shipment. Please provide Sarah Brown at the Insurance Office with:

  • Type of equipment
  • Value of equipment
  • Dates of shipment
  • Location of shipment

Value Limits:

  • $500,000 – per shipment by any one vessel and connecting conveyances
  • $100,000 - any one package shipped by mail or private delivery service
  • $500,000 – per shipment by any one aircraft and connecting conveyances


In the event of a claim or any questions related to Shipping Insurance, please contact Sarah Brown at 617-324-5031.