Property Claims

All incidents of theft, vandalism or damage to MIT property must be reported to the Office of Insurance within a timely manner.  Failure to promptly report claims could jeopardize the reimbursement of funds.

Data Protection and Compliance

If a lost or stolen computer, laptop, smart phone or other portable device might have contained sensitive information, including but not limited to social security numbers, credit card numbers or driver license numbers, please email immediately.  The Data Incident Response Team (DIRT) will respond and investigate the exposure resulting from the loss of your data.

Filing A Claim
In order to file a reimbursement claim for covered property, the following information must be submitted to the Office of Insurance:

  • Written notice from the Department notifying the Office of Insurance of the details of the incident
  • Copies of the original purchase orders/invoice, reflecting the date of purchase, price and specifications of the damaged equipment
  • MIT property tag number; and,
  • Copies of the repair estimates, bills or replacement purchase orders/invoices

Claims Settlement
Reimbursement for stolen equipment, or equipment damaged beyond repair is based on replacement value. If the department opts to upgrade its equipment following any such loss, reimbursement will still be based on a comparable replacement (less any applicable deductible) for the damaged or stolen equipment. If the department does not plan to replace the stolen or damaged equipment, reimbursement will be based on the actual cash value prior to the loss.  Please contact Sarah Brown.

Vandalism is subject to a $1,000 deductible

What is not covered

  • Personal property including, but not limited to cars, paintings and rugs of faculty, staff and students is not covered
  • Portable MIT owned electronic devices including, but not limited to smart phones, smart watches or other wearables are not covered equipment.
  • Property damage of $1000 or less is the responsibility of the DLC’s

Departmental Risk Management
All Departments, Labs and Centers (DLCs) are responsible for safeguarding MIT owned equipment.  Recommendations may be made by the Office of Insurance to increase security.  Failure to take reasonable precautions to prevent the recurrence of property damage or theft (i.e., same location, same type of occurrence) may result in additional cost sharing (above the deductible) by the Department.  Any security improvements are made solely at the DLC’s expense. 

If you have any questions, please contact either Sarah Brown at 617-324-5031 or Damual Greaves at 617-258-8481.