Business Travel Accident

MIT’s Business Travel Accident (BTA) Insurance policy provides coverage for MIT faculty, staff, students and other specified classes of individuals while traveling on Institute business.  Coverage is provided for all covered classes for emergency medical, security and natural disaster evacuation and repatriation.  Accidental death & dismemberment insurance is also afforded for specific covered classes.  The BTA/ISOS Coverage chart addresses the specific covered classes and coverage that applies to each.)  Coverage applies automatically.

Items of Particular Note: 

  • All MIT community members who are planning international travel should review the MIT Travel Risk Policy.
  • For any travel listed in the “extreme” category, please confirm with The Office of Insurance that coverage for such travel is provided.
  • For the Business Travel Accident coverage to apply for costs incurred in a medical, security and/or natural disaster evacuation, all arrangements concerning medical care, transportation etc. must be made through MIT’s 3rd party assistance provider – International SOS (ISOS).   They can be contacted from anywhere in the world by calling:  215-942-8478.  You are also encouraged to download the International SOS App to your SmartPhone, where you can use the chat feature to speak with an assistance representative. 

For more information, please contact Sarah Brown at 617-324-5031 or Sandy Mitchell at 617-324-7117.