Registrations, Acquisitions and Disposals

DLCs must notify the Insurance Office and Property Office of the purchase, acquisition, trade-in, donation or disposal of any vehicle (or trailer) from the department’s fleet of vehicles.

The information provided to the Property Office should include: (1) make; (2) model; (3) year;  (4) use of vehicle; and (5) copy of the vehicle transfer agreement (if applicable). For the sale, disposal, or donation of an MIT vehicle, please obtain the title from the Property Office (Mike McCarthy,

The original title for a newly purchased vehicle, including new “used” vehicles, should be submitted to the Property Office.

Each DLC is responsible for the registration of its own vehicles. Department Heads, AOs, or other authorized MIT staff may sign the registration application. Applications should reflect MIT, 77 Massachusetts Avenue, Building NE36-7216 Cambridge, MA 02139 as the vehicle owner and address. Vehicle registration applications (new – RMV-1; renewals – RMV-3) may be obtained from the Registry of Motor Vehicles (RMV). Registration forms are not currently available online, but may be available from the RMV fax service (1-866-627-7768). The registration application needs to be completed, stamped by MIT’s insurance broker, and submitted (or hand delivered) with the appropriate fee to the RMV. Refer to the Massachusetts Registry of Motor Vehicles for general information regarding procedures, hours of operation, and locations.  

Insurance Broker:
Arthur J. Gallagher Risk Management Services, Inc.
470 Atlantic Avenue
Boston, MA 02210

Diane Gould

Phone: 617-531-7744
Fax: 617-646-0400

For time sensitive registrations drivers can go to AJG to get their application stamped.  Please contact Diane to set up a time.

Checks must accompany any new or renewal applications that are mailed to AJG, with instructions to forward to the RMV. (No credit cards can be used to renew registration.) If the proper payment is not forwarded to AJG, they will return the stamped registration form for the department’s submittal.
If you lose your registration, you can apply for a duplicate with the RMV. The cost is $25.00.

*The MA RMV have updated their application forms to the new Registration and Title Application (RTA) effective 12/18/19 for both new applications and re-registering vehicles.

Registration and Title Application

Here is a link to the application highlighting the sections our broker will need to assist DLC's, the green highlights will be filled out by our broker.

Special Notes:

  1. Please be advised that the busiest months at the RMV are October, November, and December. Processing will take longer during these months, so please plan accordingly.
  2. The RMV no longer takes credit cards when renewing registrations at a branch office.
  3. Once you receive your renewal cards, forward them along with a check to AJG to avoid late processing.
  4. For tracking purposes, anyone purchasing a vehicle from a dealer or registering a car for MIT via The Drive program should request that the dealer include the department name and contact name on the faxed slip that they send to Arthur J. Gallagher.

Transferring vehicles between departments:
Notify the Insurance Office of the vehicle being transferred and the department that will now be responsible for the vehicle. Provide the contact name for the new department