Motor Vehicle Record Check Request Process

In accordance with the MIT Automobile Use Policy, section 10 (Motor Vehicle Checks), an individual driver must provide authorization for a motor vehicle request (MVR).  MVR checks must be done prior to a person being eligible to drive an MIT owned or controlled vehicle. 

MVR’s are requested and processed by the MIT Office of Security Operations

Securing a MVR

  • The appropriate administrative person from a DLC should complete the DLC Authorization Form
  • The Driver should bring a copy of the completed DLC Authorization Form, their Drivers License (needed for verification) and the Motor Vehicle Release Authorization Form to the MIT Office of Security Operations.  The Driver can choose to fill out the Motor Vehicle Release Authorization form prior to visiting the Office of Security Operations or during their visit.
  • The Driver will be asked to complete the appropriate state form authorizing the MVR.

In person requests are preferred.  Hours of processing are on Tuesday and Thursday from 10 am to 12pm in N52-413. On-line requests can be secured under extraordinary circumstances.  (In the later instance, it will be the responsibility of the DLC to verify a persons drivers’ license.)  For on-line processing, please contact Andrea Finnin in the MIT Office of Security Operations to determine the correct forms that need to be completed.  If the Tuesday/Thursdays time frame does not work department contacts can also contact Andrea Finnin via email to set up an appointment.

The MVR Flow Chart provides guidance on who and when an MVR check should be requested. 

      *If more than 10 people (at any one time) need an MVR check arrangements can be made with the security office to have the MVR paperwork processed on site at the DLC.

Departments will be notified of a clean MVR and that a driver is cleared to use an MIT vehicle. 

Responsibilities of the Requesting DLC

Individual DLC’s should keep a record of all authorized drivers and the date of the MVR to ensure records are current.

DLC’s may have the responsibility to verify information contained on an individual drivers license.  A copy of the license should NOT be taken nor maintained in any file.   (Drivers license information is deemed protected information under the Federal Drivers Protection Act.)