MIT "Study Abroad" Student Health Insurance

Coverage brochure available here (PDF)

Coverage provided by the MIT Study Abroad Insurance program is Primary coverage.  Other health care coverage would apply excess & should be maintained due to coverage limitations and exclusions included under the MIT Study Abroad Insurance Program.

TO OPEN A CLAIM -CALL International SOS (ISOS): 011-215-942-8478, collect calls can be accepted

*ISOS must be involved in the management of claim for coverage to apply

Coverage Terms and Conditions

*COVID Coverage Information

Quarantine Benefit (as of 11/1/2021): MIT's insurer may provide coverage for quarantine lodging expenses up to a daily maximum benefit of $285 for up to 14 days as a direct result of a positive test result.  Benefits for lodging are available if the insurer determines you are required to quarantine in accordance with guidelines issued by the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention or the applicable government or regulatory authority.  *Please note a copy of the positive test result from the Doctor will be needed for claim submission.  Please contact Sarah Brown of the Insurance Office if you would like to submit this benefit/reimbursement with MIT's insurer.

Testing Coverage: MIT's insurer will cover COVID testing if deemed medically necessary (symptoms/exposure).  Coverage is NOT available if a test is required to return to the United States.


Who is Covered

All registered students of MIT while studying abroad.  “Studying abroad is defined as participating in an educational or research activity or participating in a class trip which takes place outside the U.S, is supervised, sponsored or approved by MIT and is for a period less than 365.

Recently graduated MIT students traveling less than 90 days, from the date of their graduation, are also covered if on continuation of a program enrolled in prior to graduation. (If a June graduation, coverage is the lesser of 90 days or until September 30th, whichever occurs first.)  


Who is NOT Covered

Medical coverage is NOT extended to:

  • Recently graduated MIT students traveling more than 90 days, from the date of their graduation, 
  • non-MIT students participating in an MIT program nor, 
  • to an MIT student’s family members. 

If any of these travelers need medical coverage, when traveling internationally, please refer to this optional MIT program.


When does Coverage Begin & End?

Begins: The date the MIT Registered Student departs for the educational, research activity or class trip/program on behalf of MIT.

Ends: The Date that the above trip ends and the student returns from such educational or research activity or class trip/program.

Coverage is also included for a period of 14 days for personal deviation travel (either before/after) the “Study Abroad” trip.Under NO circumstances will benefits for expenses be payable once a student returns to the US, or after the coverage period ends.


Coverage Limits:  Limits apply per Insured Person/ Registered Student

Medical Expenses: $100,000

Deductible: $0

AD&D: $10,000

*Mental and nervous conditions covered as any other expense. 

*Physical Therapy covered with doctor's prescription as any other medical expense.

**All other standard ISOS services, (Security/Medical & Natural Disaster evacuation are included.

Coverage is provided for the reasonable and customary charges for Medical Services provided in the care & treatment of sickness or accidental bodily injury incurred due to accident/injury while studying abroad.  Pre-existing conditions are not excluded, however, please refer to the Medical Services NOT included.

If you have any questions regarding International Student Health Insurance or if you would like to request a copy of our brochure, please contact the Insurance Office at 617-324-5031 or email Sarah Brown.