• Extreme Sports – scuba diving > 100 ft; skydiving, hang-gliding or para-gliding, parascending (other than over water), bungee jumping, mountaineering or rock climbing normally requiring the use of guides or ropes or caving
  • Illegal Acts – commission or attempted commission of a felony or being engaged in an illegal occupation
  • Incarceration – while the person is incarcerated after conviction
  • Intoxication – as defined by the laws of the jurisdiction where the Accident occurs
  • Narcotic – being under the influence of any narcotic or other controlled substance at the time of a loss.  (Exclusion does not apply if any narcotic or other controlled substance is taken and used as prescribed by a Physician)
  • Operation of a Motor Vehicle without a Required License - without the proper license to operate such vehicle in the jurisdiction where the Accident/Injury occurs
  • Participation in Organized Sports – in a professional, intercollegiate or interscholastic sports
  • Participation in a Race or Speed Contest -  engaged in or participating in a motorized vehicular race or speed contest
  • Other Exclusions:  Aircraft pilot or crew, Owned/leased/operated aircraft,
    rocket propelled or rocket launched conveyance, service in the armed forces, specialized aviation, war 

If you have any questions regarding International Student Health Insurance or if you would like to request a copy of our brochure, please contact the Insurance Office at 617-324-5031 or email Sarah Brown.