MIT Insurance Requirements of Vendors

Vendors/Contractors working for MIT must maintain certain types and minimum amounts of insurance throughout the term of the Agreement.  MIT requests all vendors/contractors to provide a Certificate of Insurance prior to working on campus.  The Office of Insurance has created a Certificate of Insurance Database to keep the certificates provided by vendors who are doing work here at MIT.  Visitors of this site can search for certificates by name.  If you do find a vendor’s certificate has expired, please request the vendor provide a current certificate.

We ask that vendors submit their certificates to

*Higher limits and additional coverages may be required for some agreements depending on the nature of the work or the service being provided.   

A PDF for Insurance Required by MIT available here 

A PDF for Insurance Required by MIT for Construction-Related Activities is available here

If a vendor/contractor can not furnish a certificate of insurance because they do not have their insurance in place they can purchase insurance through the TULIP Program.  Click here to obtain the per event coverage.


For more information, please contact the Insurance Office at