MIT Insurance Requirements of Vendors

Vendors/Contractors working for MIT must maintain certain minimum amounts of insurance throughout the term of the Agreement.  MIT requests all vendors/contractors to provide a Certificate of Insurance prior to working on campus.  The Insurance Office has created a Certificate of Insurance Database to keep the certificates provided by vendors who are doing work here at MIT.  Visitors of this site can search for certificates by name.  If you do find a vendor’s certificate as expired please request the vendor provide a new and current certificate.

We ask that vendors submit their certificates to

Higher limits and additional coverages may be required for some Agreements depending on the nature of the work or the service being provided.   

A PDF of these requirements is available here.  

Type of Insurance                Minimums of Liability

I. Workers’ Compensation            Massachusetts Statutory
   Employers’ Liability                    $1,000,000    

Covering each and every worker employed in connection with the work as provided in the statutes applicable to Workers’ Compensation.
II. Commercial General Liability            $1,000,000 per occurrence
    $2,000,000 aggregate

Coverage to include: Personal/Advertising Injury, Products & Completed Operations, Liability assumed under an Insured Contract (including defense costs assumed under contract), and Broad Form Property Damage.

In addition to the above, construction contracts must also include: Designated Construction Project — per project limits.

III. Automobile Liability                $1,000,000 each occurrence
    (Bodily Injury & Property Damage)

Required for Owned, Non-owned, or Hired Vehicles if vehicles are used in the provision of services under this contract.

Endorsements CA-9948 and MCS-90 are required if the Vendor/Contractor is transporting any type of hazardous materials.

IV. Excess Liability                      $10,000,000 per occurrence
     (Umbrella Form)

Excess coverage is provided over the General, Automobile, and Employers’ Liability coverages.

V. Professional Liability                      $5,000,000 per claim
    Maintained for 3 years after the     termination of this Agreement.    

The terms of the contract will specify the type of “Professional Liability” coverage that will be required.

VI. Environmental Liability                 $5,000,000 per claim
    Maintained for 3 years after the     termination of this Agreement.    

MIT may require this coverage whenever work at issue under this contract involves potential pollution risk to the environment or losses caused by pollution conditions (including asbestos) that may arise from the operations of the Vendor/Contractor described in the Vendor/Contractor’s scope of services.

MIT MUST be named as an additional insured on the above policies, excepting the Workers’ Compensation and Professional Liability coverages. Any language limiting the recovery/indemnification to the amount of insurance and/or the limits requested in this contract MUST be removed.  The Vendor/Contractor’s policy must be primary and non-contributory with respect to any insurance coverage and/or self-insurance of MIT. If policies are not endorsed to provide MIT with 30 days' notice prior to cancellation of material modification, than such obligation shall rest with the Vendor.

Prior to commencing work under this Agreement, Vendor/Contractor shall furnish MIT with Certificates of Insurance to reflect current compliance with the minimum limits of liability required under this Agreement issued by insurance companies licensed to do business in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts and acceptable to MIT. (Insurance carriers with a minimum A.M. Best rating of A- VII or better will be deemed acceptable to MIT.)

Vendor/Contractor shall maintain these coverages continuously for the duration of this Agreement, and shall submit a new Certificate as needed, as evidence of continued compliance. Any coverage written on a “claims made” basis shall provide “tail” coverage for a period of 3 years after the expiration of the contract. In the event that the Vendor/Contractor fails to maintain the required levels of liability coverage, MIT shall have the right to terminate the Agreement.

If a vendor/contractor can not furnish a certificate of insurance because they do not have their insurance in place they can purchase insurance through the TULIP Program.  Click here to obtain the per event coverage.

Owned Equipment of Vendor/Contractor
The Vendor/Contractor/shall bear the full and complete responsibility for risk of damage or loss of equipment, products, or money due to its negligence.

MIT shall not be liable for any tools, equipment, materials, supplies, temporary structures, or other property owned or rented by the Vendor/Contractor (or its Subcontractors), which is brought to, used, or stored on MIT premises.

The Vendor/Contractor and its Subcontractors assume such risks of property damage or loss, and waive all rights of recovery they may have against MIT for damage to such items, and any policy of insurance covering the Vendor/Contractor’s or its Subcontractors’ own tools, equipment, facilities, and other property against loss by physical damage or theft.   

For more information, please contact the Insurance Office at